BBQ Competition Team List

Competition Team Entry Form

These teams have confirmed participation in our event!!!

  1. Dyin’ Breed BBQ
  2. Still Workin’ On It
  3. Bad Azz Mule BBQ
  4. Fred Vegas Smokers
  5. Big Raz BBQ
  6. Smokin’ Tex BBQ
  7. South Bowie Smoke
  8. Smokey Anderson BBQ
  9. Bar-B-Que Mayham
  10. Sparky’s BBQ
  11. Smack That Butt BBQ
  12. Rhode Hog BBQ
  13. Good Googly Boo BBQ
  14. Red Dog BBQ
  15. Poppadukes BBQ
  16. Uncle Pig’s BBQ Pit
  17. Poke-N-Smoke
  18. Wolf’s Revenge BBQ
  19. JD’s Smokin’ Misfits
  20. Blue and Gray BBQ
  21. Redneck Scientific
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